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Who we are?

We connect makers and founders working on new outdoor & adventure sports products to beta testers & early users.

You could be working on a gear & tool or nutrition & meals or outdoor accessories or a web tool. As long as your offering caters to folks who love outdoor, we accelerate your product journey. Whether your your'e building a side project or startup, we can get you the help your'e looking for. Don't burn yourself out trying to do it all.


Free To Use

Post your project and connect with beta testers & early users free of charge. Pay us back by allowing us to be a part of your success


No risk. No commitment. Just post your project and meet some early users that are willing to help!


Work The Way You Want

Free usage, discounted price, recognition, discount on other products, equity, or barter. Its up to you.


Validation & Growth

Our community of beta testers and early users have the experience and expertise needed to get your project the validation and growth your'e looking for.


Hands-On Help

We help with out reach, so you can focus on the project. Stop stressing over social media posts and get back to what you love.


Expect Unexpected

You never know what an exposure could bring in - new partnerships, new customers, new vendors, investors or your first employee!

How it works?

1. Post Your Project
2. Attract Beta Testers & early users
3. Team Up And Debug The Product, Validate Your Project

Team up with beta testers & early users and get your project off the ground. Split the profit, give reward, offer discount, promise recognition, give life time access, disperse equity, or just build for fun.

Help Us, Help You! 🤘

We would love any feedback you have on the site or our service. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to see anything else here.