Hero example 1
Hero example with default theme & call to action button.
Hero example 2
Hero example with image sticking to the bottom.

Where should I add these options?

Option Description Expected value
image The image you want to use in the hero. Depending on your theme, the image will be in different positions. A URL to an image.
overlay Add a (semi transparent) overlay to the image so your text becomes readable. A color and a percent. Example: #000000 50%.
theme The theme decides the placement of the image. Default means the image will be used as background. The other values are self-explanatory. default,image left, image right, image bottom, image top , image sticks to bottom or no image
button If you want a call-to-action button in your hero, use this option to set the button text. Any text.
button link The call-to-action link. Any text.
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