How to add a main menu

To add a menu to the top of your website, you should add a setting to your base's settings sheet:
Setting name: main menu

Main menu setting example
Main menu setting example in Airtable

The value for that setting should look as follows:

  • Each menu item should appear on a new line.
  • Menu items have the format menu text:link
  • The link part of a menu item can point to:
    • An external link. Example: Contact Us:
    • A section on a page. Example: Contact Us:#my-section
    • A page within your website. Example: Contact Us:Contact

When pointing to a section or a page within your own website, you should refer the section id or pagename as you entered in the content sheet.

The following setting:

Request feature:

Looks like this on your website:

Main menu setting example
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