How to add details to cards or list items

You can now easily add extra (long) details to your cards or list items. For cards, details will be displayed in a popup. For list items, details will be displayed in a "pull out". See the images below for an example of both:

When a card is clicked, a popup appears with extra details
When a list item is clicked, extra details slide out underneath

Displaying these extra details is easy. Just add a Details column in your data sheet, and fill it with text.

Example of the 'Details' column

Adding a CTA button underneath the details

You can easily add a button underneath the details text. Notice in the 2nd example image, there is a button called "Apply" underneath the details.

To implement such a button, go to your content sheet and find the options cell for your row. Add an option
item button = Your Button Text

The button option

The button will automatically link to the link you supplied in your data sheet.

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