Tile view

Tile view example 1
Tile view with image and text below.
Tile view example 2
Tile view with image & text inside.

Where should I add these options?

Option Description Expected value
sheet The name of the sheet with data. Required Any text.
theme The look & feel of the cards. default or image only or data below image.
items per row How many cards you want to display on each row. Default is 4. A number, best between 2 and 5.
filters A comma separated list of tags the data can be filtered on. Leave blank if you don't want filers. A list of tags. The tags correspond to the Tags column in your sheet.
filter type Set if users can select multiple filters (AND search) or just one filter. Defaults to multiple. select multiple or select one
remove all filter This removes the "All" filter from the filters. true/false
image overlay Cards can have text on top of an image. To make it more readable (eg: the image darker), you may want to add an overlay as well. A color and an opacity percentage. Example black 30% or #FF00AA 50%
color on image The color of text displayed on the card image. Default is white. A HEX color or color string
color The color of the text below the image. Only applicable when the theme is default. Default is the section's text color. A HEX color or color string
background The background color for the card. Only applicable when the theme is default. Default is the section's background color. A HEX color or color string
image size Control the image size with this setting. If your images appear too stretched, use this. A percent or pixel value. Examples: 50% or 100px
view Which Airtable view should the records be fetched from? Defaults to the default Airtable view "Grid view". A sheet's view name.
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